“Hello, it’s me, pain”

emotional-pain-quotes-6.jpgYou know what our problem is? We don’t want to feel pain. We are afraid of feeling pain. We have half-hearted conversations with pain. Pain is that friend you make small talk with at a party. Pain is the friend you dodge. When it calls you and asks you to meet, you come up with the most creative excuses to avoid it.

We think pain is ugly. We don’t want to witness tears, we don’t want to see a man break down or deal with a woman silently weeping to herself. We believe that pain serves no value. The funny thing is, pain is the only one who knows the real you. Pain knows what you look like when you are choking your guts out on the bathroom floor; It knows you have been drinking to forget. Pain knows the contents of the choked up feelings that have crystallized in your heart.

Would it be so bad if we would just give pain a chance? If we would just meet it at a café over cups of steaming espressos and pour our hearts out? If we would just curl up on the couch, entangle our limbs like close friends do and let the words tumble down? Wouldn’t it be easier to acknowledge the presence of pain, to hear it out rather than investing our energies into ignoring it?

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