In times of darkness, stay on your path.


When we’re confronted with dark events, dark forces, with painful, even horrific experiences, images, or thoughts, it’s natural to be blindsided. It’s easy to fixate, to fall out of focus on our goals. To fall off our paths.

And of course this is particularly injurious in dark moments. We may lose the vision of our way forward in the ways that we were imagining, with our peace of mind, even our belief systems, shattered.

In times of trial, consider that the very focus that has been disrupted is, yes, still, like a gift you don’t have to wait for, the way forward. Stay focused, or re-focus, or begin to focus, on your highest priorities. Live your values, what you find most meaningful and beautiful.

Consider it a helpful discipline, challenging enough that you CAN’T fixate on that which would further darken your door, weakening you in body, mind and spirit. Do your good work, on your chosen path. And reach out for support that you need and deserve.


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