Pyaar Possible <3


“Good Night, BBie, Sweet Dreams”, The message which was supposed to be the end of the day for us actually proved to be the start of the new journey. It sparked a whole new life in the conversation and the willingness to talk more and more kept on increasing.

From that moment , I knew that I wanted you to be a part of my life, lovers or just friends.
The best things come unexpected, you were a clear example of that. I knew that you were too good of an opportunity to pass up. For the longest time before I met you, I was known as a guy who opens up only to people whom I know and the reason for that was because time and time again I was hurt emotionally in the past.

When I talked to you, I knew that there was something different about you, I wanted to talk to you even if it meant rejection or just friends.

Taking it back a few steps, the first audio message of yours replays over and over in my head. You may not know but when you talk to me, my whole mentality of a guy who never opens up went away and a new mentality of “just go for it” kicked in.

Me being myself, I still kept in mind that, you are a beautiful girl, and every guy in the college would kill to be close with someone like you. With that new mentality, I kept to it. I started asking you for going out with me and slowly but surely you started to open up to me, taking it from me being a “stranger” to a “friend”.

I know that I fell in love with your personality and your looks were just a bonus. I heard that in your voice, you genuinely not only cared about me but everyone around you. Your caring nature makes me love you more and more each day. You’re the reason why my days are so happy. From the moment we start talking during the day to the moment we say goodnight, you never fail to make me smile or laugh. You’re everything that I wished and hoped and I am finally blessed with someone just like you.I didn’t know who you were in the past. I fell in love with the girl who chooses to be in the present.

So, to the love of my life, my friend, you are amazing and even though you don’t see it, you are. Rain, hail, or shine, I will always be by your side “No matter what”


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