Change, cz that’s the game !


How many times have you heard that the only thing constant is change? It may sound cliché s but you also must have noticed that it is essentially true? You can observe the game of change in many ways around you:  change in weather? change in seasons? the change in political climate? Change in individual characteristics and habit?

Have you ever thought if this is necessary? After all, we all are very comfortable in a very familiar situation. Then why is this game needed at all?? !!

Can you imagine a world which is static and stagnant? Where everything goes on relentlessly with no scope for variation?

Usually, I seek change to improve and to grow… to evolve and emerge as a new person. I believe that change should begin from within if it has to be sustainable. It shows your power and willingness to adapt.

To accept the change you have to be open with your thoughts. Reach out and share what you feel. Change need not be drastic and abrupt….we can always take baby steps to get where we eventually want to be. Because of our legacy habits we are resistant to adapt to the new things, but you should accept that it is a part of life. How ever discomforting it may be, change always brings in new opportunities, new paths for success, in carrier , in life 🙂




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