Just a month new or almost a month Old !


Almost a month into my job, the uneasiness of the first week got off slowly as I had experienced Week 2 ,3 and 4 and just completed the celebratory, ‘Month One’.

It is a rose tainted glass journey indeed for someone like me who just started his work-life. The enthusiasm was high, did new things on the job; sometimes I surprised others but more often I surprised myself! This was the period where still I was new to know-it-all yet old enough to know something, a confused place to be; but surely an enjoyable state.

The feeling of knowing that my colleagues have accepted me yet with the self-doubt if I have. The tiny achievements through the weeks to the not-so-significant goals for them. The joyous feeling when I took my first holiday and the lost/disconnected feeling that followed, when I was back. It is confusing yet charming.

The journey of my first job in the first month was profound. The memories I made during this time, the relationships I built with people around me, the confidence I shared in my environment to make my workplace a better place. I would be partially right , this is just like your computer lab in college where you go to finish assignments, dressed up as it is the rule, sit with your friends and work.

People in my work place have indeed facilitated my settling in a smooth process.I have met/ spent time with most of my office members in one way or the other, helping me understand from where they come from. I haven’t taken special efforts to be pushy but have let time take its path and kept myself open to conversations. There have been successes and failures, both have been laughed off, accepted, worked on and all the other things that could go wrong. I reckon, “There are a million reasons to hate your job, just one “determination” to love it against all odds!”