The Debate Over The Colour Of The Dress Finally Ended

So yesterday, the world went crazy over a dress. The ‘blue and black’ vs ‘white and gold’ war erupted and everyone who cared, chose sides.

Here’s the original photo of the dress.

Source – Swiked | Tumblr


But lo and behold, the debate has finally settled. Turns out British retailer Roman Originals is selling it on their site for fifty pounds. And it’s blue and black. While there’s no white and gold version listed yet, the company might soon be coming up with one now that it has all this free publicity.


Tumblr user, Swiked, whose real name is Caitlin McNeill, a member of the Scottish folk band Canach, also shared this on her page.


And eventually, the dress found its way to Amazon as well. And you know what that means, right? Yes! Hilarious Amazon customer reviews.

Source – Amazon UK


Because this is the Internet, it took no time for other names to cash in on this viral singularity.

Like Lego






3D White




Dunkin’ Donuts


And finally, there was also this (my personal favourite)

Source – Imgur


So, please, can we go back to our normal lives now?

10 Moments Which Made ‘Khichdi’ An Amazing Serial

We all loved ‘Khichdi’ didn”t we? Well, thanks to the relief it brought to us when we would forget the reality and jump into the Parekh parivaar. The beauty of this family was in their insane life and their stories. Well we all had out favorite moments from the serial, lets peek into those and reminiscence:

1. When Jayshree would start with her gossip on the phone…. ‘Kehne ko toh aaj maine bapuji ki chai me chuhe maarne ki dawa mila di..”

Source: google images/

2 When Hansa would ask for English words meaning to Praful…”Praful….what is?”…….This was the best one.

Source: google images
Source: google images

4 When Hansa use to use her brains and her energy to do some work. She was the charm of the show. ‘Hello, how are, khaana khake jaana han…!’

Source: google images

5 The conversation of this loving brother sister jodi Himanshoo and Hansa..his epic hand gesture and Hansa’s pride in his brother.

Source: google images

6 The Praful moments….when he had the most funny solutions to all major problems.

Source: google images

7 When Himanshoo use to speak his chef language and very famous ending dialogue “kisiko pata nahi chalega”

Source: google images

8 The only smartest members in the family were the kids. Remember “Bade log, bade log”

Source: google images

9 This family and their everyday story always made us laugh. The best thing was this gujju parivaar cracked jokes on themselves.

Source: google images

10 The raw sweet love stories specially between Parminder and Himanshoo. The only confusion was Parminder’s family members were all called Parminder. We loved the confusion.

Source: google images