You Are A ‘Pakka’ Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Fan When…

It came, it saw, it conquered.

Once upon a time, a sitcom quietly entered the Indian television and ended shortly leaving its viewers high and dry. Amidst the routinely planned saas-bahu conspiracies, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was whiff of fresh air that made all age groups hooked to this weekly.

Years after it ended, its fans are still hoping for a promised sequel and can’t wait to see the sophisticated magic again. Although the show had ended after just one season, its reruns and YouTube episodes have immortalized the classic. The fact that IMDB rates it 9.4/10 proves its credibility as a masterpiece. The show was different and so are its fans who can identify a heera like a true johari!

1. You realized that the show was a disguised teacher to your vocabulary



2. You learnt classic pranks from Indravadan Sarabhai aka Narad Muni



3. You didn’t find Manisha aka Monisha’s middle-class habits THAT outrageous



4.  You saw a potential poet in yourself after hearing Rosech’s poems



5. You felt bad for this guy and thought he was the only neutral character on the show



6. You knew this guy much before Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma



7. You learnt that you need to have a unique name to be sophisticated



8. You knew that this irritating technician was actually the director of the show



9. You still roll on the floor and laugh out loud because of the perfectly timed dialogues



10.  You were in awe of Maya Sarabhai’s fashion sense. When you type her name on Google, it displays ‘Maya Sarabhai’s sarees’ as a suggestion



11. You felt bad for Indravadan when this man appeared in the episode



12. And lastly you are one of those who are signing petitions to bring this show back!


Yeh jo nazar aate hain, yeh woh toh hain nahin, Shubaba!
Dekho inhe gaur se, toh dikhenge yeh aur koi, Shubaba!
Zubaan se oh my my… kitne pyare hain,
Dilon mein you don’t know woh angaare hain,
Sophistication inki surname hain,
Hypocrisy mein jeeten yeh saare hain;

Ek pal mein banti hai, pal mein bigadti hai,
You can’t say when, how or whyyy….
Sarabhai…..v/s Sarabhai……


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