The wolf of wall street and your 4 years of engineering

These 12 GIFS from the wolf of wall street will depict your two years journey of engineering. A must read for all engineering grads!

1. The first day at college: Prof tells you about the importance of maintaining your CGPA throughout the engineering

The wolf of wall street and your 4 years of engineering!

2. You get the motivation and start dreaming big from your engineering


3. That moment when you get the photocopy of notes before the semester exams


4. Just before the first Semester exams, you start mugging everything from the photocopy


5. And the birthday GPL’s!


6. You get the first back in engineering and you are like


7. Then you promise yourself and announce everyone that you will study hard and get a 9 pointer in the next semester



8. Engineering night outs, booze and fun starts in the 2nd year


9. And by 3rd year, the booze turns into addiction


10. You start spending a lots of your father’s money


11. The placements starts in the end of 3rd year, but bcoz of your low GPA, you’re not eligible


12. Your friends get the placement and you’re like


and the engineering ends on this note. Everyone thinks ki humne 4 saal kya kiya? I am also trying to get the answer? Comment below if you have one!  If you liked this post then show some love by sharing it.


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