West Indies vs Pakistan : Highlights



Today the performance has been the worst ever by pakistan in the history of cricket. it is the lowest score made by any team before losing 4 wicktes. The match in pictures. The list of worst performances by pakistanhas also been given.

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Here is a list of the worst batting performances in the history of World Cup cricket.

  • India v/s England 1975 World Cup: It was the first game of the first world Cup tournament in the history of the game and the Country was chasing a mammoth total of 335 runs in 60 overs. The Country was expected to go down fighting instead, Sunil Gavaskar played through the entire innings, facing 175 balls and scoring a meager 35 runs! India ended on 132/3 losing by a 202 runs margin!
  • India v/s Zimbabwe 1983 World Cup: Another World Cup game in which the Country failed to live up to the expectations was the game against the minnows, Zimbabwe! Batting first, the Indians lost half of their side for 17 runs and were left tottering with the tail to follow! Kapil Dev however took the batten from the on and played a Captain’s knock to save the Country from humiliation!
  • India v/s Australia, 1987 World Cup: The defending Champions, India were playing at the home turf against the formidable Australian side in the 1987 World Cup when complacency got the better of them! India needed just 65 runs to win with 16 overs to spare and 7 wickets in hand. The team however failed to live up to the occasion and collapsed for a mere addition of 65 runs to lose the game!
  • Pakistan v/s England, 1992 World Cup: Pakistan did not have the best of start in the 1992 World Cup in Australia. They were pitched against the favorites England in the league match. The Pakistan battling line-up performed abysmally and was crashed to a paltry 74 runs! Fortunately for the Pakistanis, rain played a spoilt sport and thus abandoned the game! Pakistan however went on to win the World Cup!
  • Pakistan v/s Australia, 1999 World Cup final: As far as the Finals in the World cup History so, this game was by far the worst ever! Pakistan’s batting line-up fumbled at a meager total of 132 runs! The Aussies on the other hand scalped a victory in just 20 overs. In totality, the match did not even last for 60 overs!

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