#IndvsSA Here’s A Twitter War India Just Won

You must have already seen the Indian vs South Africa ‘mauka mauka’ ads and the kickass response videos by Indian fans. While the anticipation of a win on Sunday is getting everyone pumped up, we found that a fun battle on Twitter has already been waged.

So while you’re waiting for the real match to start, here’s one India vs SA battle you can follow:

Kitkat India tagged Kitkat South Africa in this friendly tweet


To that, Kitkat South Africa replied teasing India with the ‘Mauka mauka’ reference



But, India pulled an awesome comeback with this one



The friendly banter ended on a calmer note (maybe because both the handles are from the same brand)

 and India came back with a triumphant reply
Their bosses must be like, “Bas kar pagle, have a break, have a KitKat”Let’s wait and watch to either witness history being made or repeated. I don’t know who’ll have the last laugh, but #WeWontGiveItBack.

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