Tricky Questions That Girls Ask

We all know that how much we do not know about how girls think, especially the trick questions that they throw every now and then. There are various inquiries where a certain particular answer is obliged which can just be divined by perusing your gf’s psyche.

In case you’re great at reading personalities and figure out how to get it, you get MAJOR extra focuses! How much do you love me ? Here’s more. . .

1. Do you like me for my looks or brains?

Image source

This has no escape. Feel the entrapment.


2. Do I look fat?

Image source

You look okay- What okay?
You look so slim – Why are you lying? Can’t you see this ?
I think you’ve put on a lil . . . . – You mean to say I’m fat?


3. Did you see that girl who looks like me? She’s hot. Isn’t she?

Image source

No (:D)- Well, why were you looking there then
Yes (:( )- Oh right !


4. What are you thinking ?

Image source

Let’s not do this.


5. Do you like my girl-friends ?

Image source

No- Oh, so you mean I don’t have good friends.
Yes- Now you like them more than me?


6. Why do you like me?

Image source

Everything that you will say won’t hold a torch against that “one” thing that you’d miss


7. Do you love me more now or when you proposed to me?

Image source

Tell gopi? Tell ?


8. Aren’t you forgetting something ?

Image source

Now start thinking about the time you met her for the first time until this moment. Happy thinking !


9. Do you notice anything different ?

Image source

That’s tricky. That’s very very tricky.


10. Do you remember which day is it today ?

Image source

It could be your “met her in the park” anniversary.


11. Don’t you remember what I said ?

Image source

Do you?


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