Stupid Things Indians Hide For No Reason

This is very challenging to write since I have to constantly extricate my plan from mind as to what I want to write and what I want to hide. Well, that’s the thing with India; there are things that we lie about and the things that we hide for a reason we are not even sure about.

It is not that if you tell people your age, they’d abandon you or something like that. Anyway, here are 12 things about which Indians  are way too reluctant to share.

1. How much they’ve studied during exams

Image source

Because sharing this information will slowly evaporate what you’ve studied. Wouldn’t it?


2. Rank in competitiveness exams

Image source

Ahuh, because 4 log kya kahege?


3. Age

Image source

I can’t talk about this.


4. Relationship Status

Image source

Reality : I am single.
Reality check: Hello babu, I love you too


5. Wealth

Image source

Hawww, see my Gucci wallet has no money in it.


6. Salary

Image source

Dard bhari dastan !


7. Virginity

Image source

I am really curious to know, why people?


8. Pregnancy status

Image source

Kyuki nazar lag jayegi 8-O


9. Periods

Image source

Because, ammmmmm, ammmmm! Someone may spell black magic on me if I reveal my dates.


10. Eating non-vegetarian food

Image source

One veg chicken tikka burger for me. Please.


11. Buying precautions

Image source

Because it’s a shame to play it safe, isn’t it?


12. Drink / Smoke


Image source


Image source

And believe me, they have their own reasons for hiding that!

No one cares if you’re a virgin who has been studying all night, smoking cigarettes wearing protection & eating chicken kebabs while counting your 6 figure salary.


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