Street Foods which you can’t afford to miss

1. Pani Puri

Call it panipuri, pani ke bataashe, phuchka, golgappe, gup chup or by any other name, the fact remains that it is one of the most sought after street food in India. ‘Nuf said.

image source

2. Chat and Bhel

The list is endless: Bhel puri, dahi bhalle, aloo chat, samosa chat and what not.

image sources 1, 2, 3, 4

3. Kolkata Rolls

Kathi Rolls are from the street food mecca of India, Kolkata. Egg roll, chicken roll, paneer roll and their double and triple variants. Yummm…

image sources

4. Poha

Poha (flattened rice) or beaten rice is known my different names across India viz. Atukulu in Telegu, Aval in Tamil and Malayalam, Chinde in Bengal, Bihar, Chira in Assamese, Avalakki in Kannada to name a few.

image source

5. Mirchi Pakoda

Mirchi Pakodais a very popular street snack in India. Particularly in Southern India.

image source

6. Food taken with Pav

You can’t miss these tasty food from street vendors serving Wada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav and Dabeli.

image sources 1, 2, 3, 4

7. Kanda Bhaji

No one in Maharashtra is a stranger to Kanda Bhaji (Onion Pakora). Tastes better with red chilli chutney and taak. (As shown in the image below)

image source

8. Samosa and Kachori

Samosa is a fried pastry with a savoury filling that consists of spiced potatoes, peas, lentils, onions etc. There are non-veg variants too.

Kachoris are mostly stuffed with dal or spiced onions. There’s a sweet version of it too.

image source

9. Momo

A type of dumpling, which is native to Nepal, is extremely popular in the Northeastern regions of India. Today, the momo fever has spread to every corner of India.

image source

10. Dosa

A fermented crepe made from rice batter and black lentils, Dosa  is one of the most popular snack in India. There are numerous variants viz. cut dosa, set dosa, rawa dosa, paper dosa, masala dosaand other combinations.

image source

11. Maggi Noodles

We wanted to write a description for Maggi too, but then 2 minutes were over. ;)

image source

12. Anda (Egg)  Bhurji

Stop confusing Anda Bhurji with scrambled eggs. Egg Bhurji is way better.

image source

13. Aama Vadai/Masala Vadai (Spiced Lentil)

Masala Vadai is a great tea time snack. Just imagine sipping your favorite hot beverage with vadai on a rainy monsoon afternoon, while reading your favorite author.

image source

14. Chana Jor Garam

A mouthwatering Indian street snack made out of black gram. Perfect biting for an evening get-together.


15. Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki (cutlet) is made from boiled potatoes, spiced and fried, with a semi-crispy outer crust. Delicious!

image source

16. Jalebi

Circular shaped deep-fried wheat flour soaked in sugar syrup. Served either hot or cold.

image source

17. Fruit Plate

Ok, this is the only street food your gym instructor will let you have.

image source

18. ‘Indian Chinese’

If you’ve never tasted authentic Chinese in a good restaurant, you’ve been living a lie. There’s nothing Chinese about the Chinese food found at numerous Chinese Fast Food Street Joints in India, but still it tastes good.


19. Mini Pizzas

Why pay exorbitant  rates at International Pizza Outlets when you can enjoy tasty mini pizzas at the next street corner?

image source

20. Bread Pulav, Bread Pakora

Bread Pulav is an innovative variation to the traditional rice based vegetable pulav recipe. Bread pakora is a favorite tea time snack.

image sources 1, 2

21. Buddhi ke baal and Gola

Interesting fact is that few people know that Buddhi ke baal actually has a name: Cotton candy. Ice Golas are crushed ice flavored with edible colors. Almost everyone shows off their colored tongue after having a gola.

image sources 1, 2

22. Besan Chilla (Lentil Crepe)

Also known as puda or vegetarian omelet, Besan Chilla is prepared with gram flour. It is a versatile and healthy snack.

image source

23. Kebabs

Sliced spiced meat cooked on a skewer. Served with chutney or pita bread. Divine!

image source

24. Vazhakkai Bajji (Banana fritters)

A favorite teatime snack, banana fritters are prepared with raw banana coated with gram flour and deep fried.

image source

25. Akki rotti (Rice Pancake)

Prepared from the dough made from rice flour mixed with chopped vegetables, Rice pancake  is an item that can be found all over India.

image source

What is your favorite street food? Which one did I miss?


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