Silly Things Indians Are Obsessed With

Welcome to India Sirji ! Welcome to the nation of vapid convictions. No wonder, India is the land of multitudes of cultural values, religions, theories, fables, languages, practises and a lot more; all that for obtuse beliefs that leads to nowhere.

We the people create our own boundaries, cry and whine over them and do nothing about it. Here’s a list of debacles that Indians go through.

1. Let’s all find a *fair* someone

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No matter how a girl / boy looks like, their parents are always looking for a “Fair and lovely bride” / “Fair and handsome groom”. Too much to their dismay if they settle for something less fair than what they had in mind.

2. The great fascination with English, because speaking Hindi is too low standard

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The obvious reaction is that English is indeed an edge, but looking down upon those who aren’t good at it is unfair. Talent, comprehensive understanding, qualities are far more a perk than just English.
[Double Standards: Get offended when your daughter doesn’t learn your mother tongue, but find a son in law who knows English]

3. Marriages: the most important thing between your birth and death

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25-year-old damsel and 29-year-old unmarried man are a direct indication of their failed relationship or the fact that something is really wrong with them or their stars. Any other genuine reason for say career or no interest in marriages is utterly unacceptable.

4. Blind faith in political parties

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One does not follow a political party because they have extrapolated from it, but because their family/ friends/ peers do. Also, you don’t cast your vote but vote your caste.

5. Superstition: it goes a long way

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The best of people, even the smartest clique would fear from crossing the road because a cat just passed by. A lot of us are changing, but there are people who won’t buy new things on a particular day, wear black on Saturday, mourn if milk over boils and what not.

6. Blaming the system

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All political parties are corrupt, every leader is corrupt, but we are not. Why the city is dirty? The municipality should do something about it, but you should not.  We never contribute to the corruption, the system does. Right?

7. Cricket Gods and everything else goes for a nought

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I have no intention to ignite rage, but just hold your horses for a second and look around. Those who won medals at Olympic are selling food on streets and probably begging for some recognition while everyone who joins Cricket is a star for eternity. Why?

8. Making the wrong idols

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Satyamev Jayate fetched innumerable criticism because people think that they should have done something substantial instead of airing the show. Well, they were doing something utterly significant. Bringing light to cases and atrocities. Roadies, well, had close to a million people auditioning every year.

9. Education = Herd mentality

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Only below average people will opt for humanities / art / language etc since science is for really bright minds. Almost each one of us who has taken the road less travelled can relate to this until you stand out and prove yourself. Well, even then the credit for your success will be given to your luck because you’re not a doctor or engineer.

10. Shushing about your sexuality

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Forget about coming clean about your sexuality if you’re gay or lesbian, even transgenders have no right. In India, it is more obligatory to be right than to be happy. It is almost impossible for an individual to be accepted about their sexuality, if it’s different than what society accepts from them.

11. Obsession with society

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It is so hard to pen down things that we do and the things that we don’t because what society will think of us.

12. Religion, that’s all you need

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Odds are that those who fight over Gita and Bible are the ones who haven’t read them. With or without religion one will have good people doing good things and bad people doing evil things. But there have been cases of good people doing bad things in the name of religion.

So which part of India do you choose?

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. – Barack Obama

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