Roy : Movie review


Movie Review Courtesy : Yahoo Movies Review: Roy By Rummana Ahmed

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ranbir Kapoor, Rajit Kapoor, Anupam Kher
Direction: Vikramjit Singh

Rating: **

I never thought that I would say this about a Ranbir Kapoor film, but Roy is an excruciatingly boring film. Nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to break the monotony of the narrative.
There is no thrill in this romantic thriller. Yes, there is romance but this is an insipid and predictable love story. The emotions, the separation and the redemption remain superfluous entities, never really weaving a compelling tale.
Our filmmaker (Arjun Rampal) wants to tell the fascinating story of a thief (Ranbir Kapoor), who has intrigued him since childhood. His chance encounter with another director, Ayesha Amin (Jacqueline Fernandez), inspires him to craft the much-awaited sequel for his mysterious protagonist. The only thing is the brooding, pensive thief sounds interesting on paper but the character just doesn’t seem to translate into a suave swindler on screen.


Vikramjit Singh has evidently dwelled too much on the mood setting – the bluish-greys in most scenes, the close-ups, the measured pace – they are all good but where is the story? The hook? The peg?
The parallel stories of the thief and the author don’t coalesce naturally. We see no layers peel away. We are playing with the hues to probably make a point about how all or most individuals have shades of grey and you cannot compartmentalize people as black or white. But here, they are not. In fact, you realize that all the characters in this film are pretty unidimensional and their story is completely linear.
There is just too much foreplay in this film. Arjun, Ranbir and Jacqueline are saddled with a flimsy script. It’s good that we have pretty faces to look at because we spend way too much time on them – their silhouettes, their moods, their monologues.
I am a little worried for Ranbir Kapoor – his last success at the Box Office was Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (May, 2013). His Beshram (October, 2013) was a disaster and after more than a year Roy is another colossal disappointment.

Watch it if you want to, but Roy was just too pretentious for my choice.

Here is the promo for the movie


One thought on “Roy : Movie review

  1. Ranbir Kapoor is Bollywood’s most handsome hero. He is also a good actor. I saw many of his movie. I saw his new movie “Roy” also. Though its not a action movie it was good. Now I am waiting his upcoming movie in 2015 .

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