10 Simple ways to stay motivated

How many times have you felt like giving up right in the middle of something? Or does even the tiniest of problems bring your morale down? Here’re some simple ways by which you can stay motivated.

1. Stop mulling over the past.


2. Focus on progress over perfection.

Focus more on how much you’ve progressed and changed, rather than looking at the road that is yet to be travelled.


3. Set simple targets.

Don’t expect to achieve the moon at your first go. Set small, simple targets and appreciate yourself when you achieve them.


4. Complete the most difficult task first.

Did you know that when you succeed, your brain releases an endorphins into your blood stream which helps you stay motivated for a little longer? Finish the most difficult task first and you can then easily finish the other ones


5. Stay with positive-minded individuals

If you’re with people who are depressing and negative about everything in life, you’ll only bring your own morale down. Try surrounding yourself with bright, positive people.


6. Look at the positive side of things.

Everything, every single little thing, happens for a reason. Try looking at a situation from all sides and understanding why you’re stuck or in trouble. Only then will you be able to get out of it


7. Pin a motivational thought to your wall.


8. Stay busy.

Don’t give yourself too much time to be depressed or for negative thoughts to overpower your thinking. Staying busy is a simple but effective way of staying motivated. Also, by staying busy, you ensure that you’re working on a solution to your problem.


9. Stop complaining.

Stop cribbing about your problems all the time. Instead of just complaining 24×7, try and see the positive sides of the problem. If you’re unhappy in your family life, try and count your blessings at work. See the bright side


10. Accept failure

This is perhaps the biggest step to staying motivated. Accept failure and be a sport about it. Don’t blame yourself or the circumstances. Instead, identify the areas you lacked in and the reason why you failed. Improve yourself, don’t beat yourself up.



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