Short Targets for a long one


We are humans, we lead a challenging life and to take on these challenges, almost all of us have to make some targets. A child is usually fascinated by the things around to foresee a long term target, I want to be a pilot for instance. An adult is usually more focused however money-minded, I want to get a highly paid Research job for example. Being a student, my academic targets are about getting good grades and I also have some long term targets. But the important thing is how do I achieve them?

For a long time, I have been following this strategy of short targets. I believe this is one of the regular working plans in this system, not something which I have invented. It goes like this: Instead of taking a long term target, I decompose it into parts, little parts and I focus on these little parts. Consider my academic life, If I have to pass in a subject, I need to study that or I need to know about each chapter of that subject. This is how it works. I arrange my schedule such that I could cope up with the chapters regularly and by the end, I would have done almost the entire subject. But then comes integrity. This is the most important aspect of this strategy. Any individual part may not make that a sense alone. Every segment has to be integrated to aim at the master target.

I believe that this strategy is quite simple as the load is distributed in to parts however a person has to be continuous in it. Since I am a little bit on the lazy side, this strategy is easy for me and I hope that it could be beneficial for people like me.


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