Five Things Modi Did to Impress Obama

From an amazing article in wall street journal.

Only With Modi. In his toast during a state dinner on Sunday in New Delhi, President Barack Obama gave an insight into his visit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I have often said that my life story could only happen in America, but, of course, prime minister, your story could only happen in India,” Mr. Obama said.

Here are some things we’d like to suggest could only happen during a visit to Mr. Modi.

He’ll Wear His Name on His Sleeve

Mr. Modi wore a pinstripe suit Sunday during talks with Mr. Obama.

Look very closely. The words “Narendra Damodardas Modi” were embroidered into the suit to make those stripes. No kidding


He’ll Out Sleep-Deprive You

As one of the world’s most-powerful men, Mr. Obama is probably used to winning the “I’m-more-sleep-deprived- than-you” game. Not this time.

“He was explaining to me today how he only needed three hours’ sleep, which made me feel bad; I thought I was doing okay with five,” Mr. Obama said



He’ll Tell You About His Fight With a Crocodile

“What I didn’t know until now is that he once survived an attack by a crocodile,” Mr. Obama said of Mr. Modi during his toast.

We’re not sure how this came up in conversation. They were supposed to be hammering out a civil-nuclear deal.

Up to now, this crocodile tale was the stuff of Narendra Modi comic book legend.

Other stories include the day a young Narendra in high school, climbed a tree to free a bird caught in a kite string. In the book, the bird was “thankful” and looked lovingly into Mr. Modi’s eyes before flying off.



He’ll Put Himself on the Menu

The menu for the lunch hosted for Mr. Obama on Sunday had Mr. Modi written all over it.

For starters: Nadru Ke Goolar, a spicy kebab made with lotus stem. The lotus, India’s national flower, is also the symbol of Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party.

For the main: Buttermilk-laced Gujarati Kadhi from Mr. Modi’s home state, Gujarat.

And, for desert, Gajar Ka Halwa, or sweet-carrot pudding — in orange, the color of the BJP

He’ll Dress Better Than Your Wife

This is something Mr. Obama almost acknowledged himself.

“And he also has style,” said Mr. Obama on Sunday of Mr. Modi. “One of our newspapers back home wrote, ‘Move aside, Michelle Obama. The world has a new fashion icon,’” he continued.

Mr. Modi met the U.S. President and the First Lady at the airport Sunday morning wearing a striking saffron-colored scarf with a paisley pattern. His fashion statement pulled focus even from Michelle Obama’s printed dress and coat ensemble from Bibhu Mohapatra’s spring collection.

In a poll of India Real Time readers, 85% of those who voted said Mr. Modi dressed best.



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