An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami


Dear Arnab,

I have been regularly watching your debates on TV for the last 3 or 4 years especially from 9 pm. It is paining and quite appalling to see the quality. All the panelists talks at the same time making it a total cacophony. There is absolutely no decency while asking questions. You have a rude posture and tone while asking questions. Many times you don’t allow participants to compete their views which is insulting to the viewers, and take over, probably you wish to hear your own voice. This is pathetic.It’s good to ask questions or as you say “tough questions” but allow people to speak.

Firstly you are a self appointed judge, then an entertainer, then a loud mouthed joker and finally a sub standard news anchor. This is what everyone I know thinks of you too. You are  an extension of television soaps, except that you are the only one who delivers lengthy dialogues. There was a time that Barkah Dutta annoyed the whole nation with “We the Barkah”. But even she would be relieved by the existence of yours to lessen the hate burden on her. You takes no chances at making a spectacle of yourself at every given opportunity. Milking peoples plight to maximize TRP is not why news channel exist.

I am sure that you have studied journalism and you are taught the proper ways. You are at times so irritating that many of us either change channels or simply switch off the TV.You have a habit of repeating some points time and again and I dread to hear and wonder what will be the mood of the participants.  You truly are a irritating journalist out there in India. You can be given a first prize for the same. I think you really needs to sharpen your listening skills and some basic ethics of Journalism. Else, the discussions/debates will be only sensational.

You are a maniac who doesn’t understand anything but TRPs and would go to any extent to win the race with the other channels; that your skill lies not in journalism but in creating controversies and providing entertainment via dumbed down, rhetorical news; that you are a horrible, vindictive boss whose people hate you, calling you nicknames such as Dementor. You must visit to a doctor as soon as possible….something is terribly wrong with you.

Now a days I don’t watch your show which are monotonus. Same theme, night after night. If you continues then Times Now will have a lock out very soon.

The nation needs some answers, Arnab. And the nation needs them NOW





3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

  1. I came across this while I searched for a platform where I could express a similar strong sentiment – while listening (if that is ever possible) to the highly one-sided debate on the documentary “India’s Daughter”. This “debate” effectively proves that AG has lost it. Admittedly, I cant figure out is whether he is doing this to support his obvious political views/leaning or is he just smarting because another channel got ahead of him to expose, the sordid side of this warped mindset that affects a large part of this country’s male population. Frankly, in my view, AG is no different – some do it physically, others do it verbally, and perhaps get the similar sadistic pleasure…..after all rape is also an expression of total power or domination of one over the other…. talking ceaselessly, and not allowing another with an opposing point of view to express themselves, is a similar vulgar expression of power…

  2. I totally agree with the opinion expressed above. This so called gentleman who take shelter of journalism and shouts the frash-” nation wants to know”, behaves like autocrat who play the role of both counsel and the jury. He has lost the decency, decorum and respect to fellow panelist. Particularly, he is full of arrogance, hatred against the establishment and political class which he may carry from lacking in his upbringing by family. He is full of superiority complex and after making crores of rupees out of news anchoring pretend to be crusader and sympathizer of poor. He himself live the lavish life and always preach about upbringing of poor. I think he is branding himself as anti establishment/government and wants to play the role like supari killer for political class by which he can increase the TRP of his channel and also his remuneration in crores. He is shame on profession of journalism, what he practices is not the real journalism but the show of arrogance, rudeness, autocracy in the name of journalism. Shame on u Mr. Arnab.

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