Be Happy In 5 Simple Steps :)


People are constantly asking and searching how to they can become happy, well let me tell you something, it is so simple !

Be in the moment- How often do you actually find yourself having a ‘in the moment’ realization? Anyone? That’s what I thought. During any time of the day, stop for a second and look around you. Be mindful. Take it all in. There’s a reason that people say life goes by fast, more often than not people do not stop to just take it all in. Give that gift to yourself, you deserve it.

Do what actually makes you happy- Sometimes this confuses people, hence why I included ‘actually’. Find something that makes you smile and/or improves your mood, and try to do/be around that everyday. Even just five minutes of doing something that you love will enhance your mood.

Be grateful- This is not something we often remember to do, so let me make this easier for you: set a time for yourself to be grateful. For me, I like to do this right before I fall asleep, I think of everything that I am grateful for and say my thanks for my friends, my family, etc. Being grateful does lead you to happiness, you may not notice right away, but the more grateful you are; the happier you become.

When given choices, go with the one that makes you happier- This seems so simple right? Apparently not because most of the time people think right past this and have other thoughts such as; which one is easier, which is more will make me stand out, etc., But do you ever just stop and think, ‘but which one makes me happier?’

Help someone out- Whether it’s opening the door for somebody or texting a friend who is going through something makes everyone feel better, therefore it’s a win-win situation. So helping somebody will make you happier, simple as that. How great is that!


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