Some thoughts here and there !

People expect unconditional love from others, and they receive unwarranted hatred at times even from strangers. That’s life. That’s how it works.
How many times have you been told that you have changed? And you’re not the same person any more? I get that all the time.

It’s cute when people make assumptions on your behalf and decide themselves how we would have behaved or what we wanted. It’s almost like they live in the world with us that they have created and think that we wanted them to create it that way. They don’t even ask us once as to what we would have preferred. Now you’re stuck in the world neither you like nor they do. And you’re responsible for its creation.
I can scream, just to make you realise that I do not think the way you assume about it.

At the end of the day, all of us want to be accepted, respected and loved. We want to feel happy and we want to be happy. Only then we will be able to keep others happy. Only then the life will be content. Weed out wrong ones from life. Make place for the right things. Time is always right, it’s upto you to choose the right people and things.


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