Hope In the Things Unseen


It’s true even the closest of people in our lives, when we see them suffer, we either become too vulnerable or we become immune to their sufferings with the passage of time. In hard times, we often hear people say, “You just have to be positive,” or, “You can’t think bad thoughts” time and again. It’s not about thoughts, it’s not about presuming good or bad, it’s about that understanding that goes missing in the toughest of times.

If you know of anyone or you see someone suffer knowing that certain things cant work, just know that nothing can help that person feel better but a simple text saying “I Love You’ or taking that person out to see people, to take them out for a long walk that can light up their painful days. It’s not necessary to know answers to someone’s pains and miseries or to have a solution for their betterment, you need no answers really. You just have to be there.

When you have that closest person in pain, don’t expect them to be like the way you want, that’s where we have all go wrong. Before going to sleep ask yourself what was the best and worst part of the day and then ask that person their favorite part of the day. Talk to them, don’t just talk about their problems. Pain makes people change and people around being affected by it too. Respect people who stay strong even when they have every right to break down.

Stop and notice for everyone is facing a battle, a challenge, loneliness, fear, heartbreak or illness in their course. I sincerely hope people stop for a minute to tell the people in their life how much they love them. I wish people let go of silly arguments and hold each other close. I hope people will reach out to loved ones who are facing a challenging time in life. I hope that we pause, and remember them all who have helped us through.


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