10 Things you shouldn’t Do after a Breakup

I know it feels terrible. I know the two of you were totally supposed to get married and have babies and then grow old, But hey, that is absolutely no excuse for you to lose every shred of common sense overnight. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do that you have been doing or have done in the past.

the breakupplaylist

1. Don’t Listen to Arijit’s ‘Kyuki Tum He Ho, Zindagi, ab tum he hi ho’

I know you don’t like that song, or confessing to your “likeness” in public towards this song, but I know it’s there on your phone and you secretly torture yourself every night by plugging in your earphones and browsing through your cootchie coo photographs. JUST STOP IT RIGHT NOW!


2. Cut Out Social Media-Stalking

I knew that you knew that this one was coming! The stalking needs to STOP. Oh, you don’t want to go ahead and press “unfriend” because then you’ll look like you “actually care”? Please. Are you a robot? Of course you care. Do it today than doing it next week, because love it needs to STOP.


3. Do Not watch Candid Wedding Videos and Couple Shoots on Facebok

Do I really need to explain this one?


4. Please Don’t “oops wrong text” him

Okay girl I know you intentionally sent him that text message that was meant for your best friend. I know you want him to know about the movie date you are going to but you just can’t follow up with I a sorry that wasn’t for you text. Instead, go grab yourself a cheese slice and make a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese only!


5. Avoid Looking at Old Photos, Know What I Mean?

There’s a reason for the phrase, “A picture tells a thousand stories.” Looking at old photos of you and your ex will not let you remember the reason why he dumped you but will take you in a world full of illusion and disbelief. Either you hide that folder in your computer or simply press DELETE. You can use the method here for hiding folder, it works! (Oh, stop it you! You can thank me later)


6. Don’t Bother Another Ex

It is possibly the most selfish thing you can do when someone dumps you! Crawling back to someone you yourself dumped is not acceptable. They have gone through worse and are finally over you! Sorry to break this to you, but yes, WAKE UP!


7. Don’t Try Too Hard on “How Happy Are You” via social media networks

Ha. Ha. Ha. We all have done it, thanks to Instagram happy selfies


8. Avoid Altruistic Act of Pity

I know this feeling. We all want closures and you might want to vent it out to him/her via texts or a meeting sometimes and tell him that he better be sorry for not making it work, but know what it’s only going to make you feel sorry for doing it. If it’s not working out, don’t feel any less awesome because you absolutely deserve no pity today or any day!


9. Don’t Avoid Going To Places were you went together.

I know this didn’t make sense to you but what I really mean is that you still need to look fabulous and now that your heart is broken, don’t break you wallet. Go to such flee markets for two reasons- Business and people all around and a little bit of shopping didn’t hurt anyone!


10. Avoid Visiting Washrooms For Loooooooooong Duration.

Yes, I know after-all the hot chair right there in our bathrooms, they are like the emotional couches that help us to cry our heart out. No matter how much you are wanting to sit on it and cry and feel depressed, just CRAPT IT OUT and get out.



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