Ten Things you must Do when you are in Jamshedpur

1) Visit Tata Steel


2) Visit Tata Football Academy

Jamshedpur-TATA football academy-1

3) Visit XLRI Campus


4) Visit Durga Puja Pandals, if you are there at that time.


5) Walk on the Kadma – Sonari link road. It is liberating.


6) Slide on the golf course next to Beldih lake, opposite Loyola school, when it rains. You will become really good at stopping the cricket ball.


7) Go see the confluence of Subarnerekha and Kharkhai rivers.


8) Go see Dalma hills. Trek to the summit of Dalma hills.


9) Go and eat Pani puri, paapdi and Egg roll in Kadma (near the vegetable market), Bistupur (near Regal theater), and Sakchi (opposite Basant talkies) are quintessential East India offerings.


10) Catch an auto, to go across town, and visit jubilee park, zoo and amusement park.



7 thoughts on “Ten Things you must Do when you are in Jamshedpur

  1. I used to work in Tata steel.Used to live in Bistupur.Had panipuri near regal cinema gone to golf club near Beldoh.went throughkadma sonari link been to jubilee park several times especiaaly during my examination times.
    All ten places including the durga pujas .
    Lucky are they who live in Jamshedpur.

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