Funny things i do when i have a crush on someone


1) I constantly check my phone to see if my crush has texted me, even if it hasn’t buzzed.

2) When it comes to stalking my crush on Facebook, I m at my best.

3) I Accidentally like their old photos on facebook .

4) If I talk to my crush, I am super careful not to let them know how much I know about them via the internet.

5) I daydream about my crush. I will probably think about how cute they are. Also, what they are doing right now.
Maybe even what they are wearing. And most important, if they are thinking about me right now too.

6) In my mind, I’ve tried on my crush’s last name, just in case we get married, I’ve already picked out our honeymoon spot. Also, what I will name our children.

7) I’ve had an imaginary conversation in my head with my crush. Usually it goes better than any real conversation I might have with them.

8) I’ll also consider attending an event I would never go to under normal circumstances,because that’s where I might see my crush.

9) When I talk to my crush, I try my absolute hardest to keep my cool, but in my head, I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.

10) My friends are sick and tired of how much I bring up my crush in conversation.

11) I’ve come close to perfecting the art of staring at my crush without them noticing

12) If we are in the same place ,I always know where she is at any given time, I’ll position myself in a room so that I can see my crush, and vice versa.

Despite all of this craziness, I’ve realized having a crush is one of the most human experiences I can possibly have


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