Genuine reasons to fall in love with biharis

Imagine a Bihari proposal “Hum ektho baat kehna chahte hain aapse, I lubb you”, that would be quite a different way someone would approach you, right! Nevertheless, just like the unique proposal I bring to you the unique reasons why you could (not must) love a Bihari:

1) hum keh rahe hai

They are great orators. Even the lamest of the lame person can willingly or unwillingly participate in a debate and make you puzzled as to how they ended up talking about it. So, don’t worry when it will come to convincing your parents for marrying a Bihari, the task will be easily and smoothly tackled.


2) Bhaiya Chhathh Hai aaj

How they love Chhath, is not hidden from the nation. It becomes nationwide news when the festival of Chhath comes. Every Bihari celebrates this day with grandeur and pomp. All trains to Bihar are jam-packed with people rushing to participate in the celebration. You can enjoy a different culture and the grandness of the minutest things.


3) Jiya Ho Bihar Ke Lala

Biharis sing all the time, be it when they are singing (which is obvious) but also while talking. Their accent is so unique that though Biharis earlier used to shy away from sounding Bihari, now it is a ‘Cool’ thing. I must say ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ has made it ‘IN’ to talk in that accent which earlier was looked up with an unusual expression. So, not only will you thoroughly enjoy a unique language but also the accent will make you sing and dance on the ‘O Womaniya’ number with grace.


4) Litti Chokha

No matter how awkward the name Litti Chokha might sound to you, it is a dish that Biharis get pretty emotional about and on the mere mention of it starts a series of stories of how and when this dish is made. Other than this they thoroughly relish sattu, be it in form of food or as a drink.


5) Mishter Bihari Babu

Not generalizing it, but most of the Biharis are brainy people, despite the image that predominates in everyone’s minds that they are illiterate. If not all, most of them consciously or sub-consciously appear for the UPSC exam. So essentially, if you lay your hand on the right Bihari, then your future is more or less secure. And if you somehow don’t end up finding the brainy one, there is the hardworking lot who sweat out to make a position for themselves.


6) Hum Hum Hain, Baki Paani Kam Hain

Your Bihari Boy Friend will never make you feel left out, as they most commonly use ‘hum’ instead of ‘main’. So you can be assured that you are in the thoughts of your better half most of the time.



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